Drifted Gypsy


A little bit about me…

I am a married, mother of one, living in the Midwestern United States of America; sometimes creative, frequently overwhelmed, and occasionally at my wit’s end. I enjoy a variety of arts and crafts, music, photography, caring for our pets, and cooking for my family. My artistic endeavors are colorful, self-taught, drawing inspiration often from nature.

We have always had a lot of pets, some small exotics in the past, but mostly just cats and dogs these days. The adult-child has a ball python. We live on the edge of town, in a small neighborhood of unincorporated properties that date back to 1948.  Our house is a DIY renovation project, constantly evolving, and is both rewarding and frustrating.

A little bit about this blog…

It’s about our adventures close to home, and our attempts to live a more peaceful, healthful, and happier life together, with the furry additions, on our little slice of the pie.